Dust Road is a cooperative board game in which players drive fast cars hunting down a convoy for spare parts.

The action takes place on a dusty road full of obstacles in a post-apocalyptic universe. Players have to steer their vehicules on a timer to destroy the leader of the convoy.

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Choose between 8 original vehicules beautifully illustrated by Thomas Girard. They all move differently and have a unique combat ability.

Ram into your ennemis with Fat Chen, Burn them with Chewing Torpedo's Nitro or place mines with Gazuleria...


There are 4 bosses in Dust Road, each one of them is controlled by a 8 cards deck. Each deck is different and each boss offers a new challenge.


The Dust Road is covered with hazards and dangerous traps. The players must avoid them or better, use them to their advantage to destroy the boss and his guards.


An innovating system of sliding tiles creates an evergoing board that changes constantly. Remember to keep up the pace or you will be outrun by the convoy.


A stopwatch is used for every driving phase of Dust Road. The tension is palpable and every player has to take meaningfull decisions within a short amount of time.

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